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Billing Policy

Church Webpages offers high-end website design and development services for well below industry standard pricing. In order to maintain our ability to provide great services for an unbeatable price, all work must be paid in full upon order. Occasionally, we extend payment plans to organizations that need our services but lack sufficient budget to make full payment immediately. Members may request payment terms when necessary. We also extend special terms to custom development projects when appropriate.

Credit Card or Check Draft Required

Unless otherwise agreed upon, all Church Webpages members must maintain their credit card and check draft information on file at all times. This information will be used to process monthly, quarterly, and yearly membership fees as well as any work orders approved by the member. Any outstanding balance on your account may be charged using the information on file without notice. We provide information about any upcoming charges as well as a full transaction history from within every member's Control Panel in the Account Management section.

Membership/Hosting Fees

Membership/Hosting Fees are required at the time of initial sign up. Account billing begins in the second month regardless of the status of the website project. Your fees include file hosting, DNS hosting, technical maintenance, correspondence, support, and all of the benefits of the Church Webpages Platform. In order to pay for these resources, our membership/hosting fees are set in place to begin immediately. Membership/Hosting Fees are nonrefundable. Our design and development processes are designed to complete your project before your first billing period. However, variables such as approval times, changes to specifications, and communication trouble sometimes cause projects to extend into several billing periods. You can avoid this by promptly replying to all project correspondence and communicating your expectations clearly. We are here to serve you and provide the very best service possible.

Initial/Kickoff Call Rescheduling Fees

For new clients or existing clients ordering new design projects, your initial/kickoff call is the most important call of your project. Please be available at the EXACT time of your appointment and be in front of a computer (not a phone or tablet) with internet access. Missing initial/kick off calls will result in a nonrefundable $50 rescheduling fee, charged to your account immediately following the missed call. Understand - we do not want to charge you this fee. However, due to the volume of missed calls when we do not, it is a measure we have had to implement in order to help clients understand the mutual value of our time together. We value your time and we simply ask that you value ours in return.

If you need to reschedule for ANY reason, please call us at (813) 441-9814 x 100. There is no charge for rescheduling ahead of your scheduled time.

Three & You're Free

Clients utilizing our services may be entitled to free months of service under our Three & You're Free Referral Program. Only referrals who purchase within the 12 months prior to the month's billing will be counted towards the referral program. After 12 months, those account can no longer be used for referral credit towards this program. In addition, accounts used for referral credit may not be counted towards any Reseller discounts.

Media Transfer Fees

All Church Webpages audio and video services come with 10 GB of monthly data transfer. This means that visitors to your website may download 10,737,418,240 bytes audio and video files included in any Media Server package. If you exceed this amount of transfer, each additional GB is billed at the end of the month at $1 per GB. All Media Server clients are provided with Traffic Reports that allow you to keep track of how much media you have transferred at any given time in the month, and what files are being downloaded. It is the sole responsibiity of our clients to monitor their downloads and make the necessary changes to throttle their media bandwidth usage.

Returned Checks

Returned checks or bank drafts are assessed a $30 fee if they are returned unpaid for any reason. Chargebacks or non-payment of initial fees after the first 48 hours OR after the initial consultation with a production manager will result in the cancellation of your account and an invoice for $500 for consulting time.

Credit Card Chargebacks

Credit card chargebacks for legitimate account fees are assessed a $40 fee. We encourage our clients to communicate with us regarding any charges that you feel are not valid in order to issue a decision for refunding or crediting of your account. Chargebacks or non-payment of initial fees after the first 48 hours OR after the initial consultation with a production manager will result in the cancellation of your account and an invoice for $500 for consulting time.

Collection Expenses

Collecting from clients who are running past due balances is an expensive process. Clients with balances running longer than 30 days will also be assessed a collection fee of $25 to help pay for the resources necessary to collect their past due balance. The collection fee will be added to your outstanding balance.

Resellers & Third-Party Subscribers

Individuals or businesses who create an account for another organization are classified as third-party subscribers. Third-party subscribers who sign up more than 4 accounts under one administrative user are classified as resellers of our platform. Third-party subscribers and resellers are solely responsible for payment of all service fees. In order to remove an account from one's administrative user, payment must be received for any outstanding balance from the third-party subscriber or reseller BEFORE placing responsibility on the organization utilizing the service. No exception will be made to this policy.

Canceling Your Account

Canceling your account with us is quick and easy. All cancellations must be done through Cancellation Form, accessible from within your Control Panel in the Account Management section. Please allow for a 24-hour processing time after submitting your request. A representative will contact you to finalize your cancellation.

Reactivating Your Account

Occasionally, we have members who suspend their account. Other times, an account will be suspended due to billing issues. If your account is suspended for any reason, a $50 reactivation fee will be assessed per incident. All data, files, and server entries are automatically deleted within 1-6 months. Members may request a suspension of billing one time in the life of the account for a maximum of three months in which we will suspend billing but continue to keep the account active.

Billing Disputes

For any questions regarding charges made to your credit card or bank account, please contact us immediately. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have and even happier to correct any billing errors on our part. You may also have access to all past and recurring charges made through your account from within your website Control Panel. This information is provided to you 24/7 online.

To Request A Refund: Please contact us by phone at (813) 441-9814, or e-mail us at . Please do not contact your sales representative, as he or she may not have proper access to our cancellation systems. All refunds are processed within 7-10 business days, and are issued by check only.
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