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Most Churches Struggle With Growth. We Guide You Through a Proven Framework That Increases Members, Volunteers, and Giving.

Have you ever asked yourself

  • How in the world do I get more members?
  • How can I find a marketing company who will understand our mission?
  • What if I run out of money and resources?
  • How do we leverage marketing to accomplish our mission?
  • How do I make my church/ministry effort truly significant?

You’re in the right place!

Every church wants to impact the world in their own way. But, the lack of money, resources, and people makes it almost impossible for many churches to succeed. We have worked with over 60,000 churches and nonprofit organizations since 2001, and we understand how frightening it can be to think about your critical, world-changing mission never getting off the ground or growing.

Ultimately, my goal is that church leaders and teams can do more, faster, and with more resources than before we showed up on the scene. That is true significance for our company. - Jose Gomez, Founder

We have a proven framework that will help you accomplish your mission, get funding, and attract members, volunteers, and givers so you never have to close your churc. You're in the right place.

Find Out How We Can Work Together!

BAM!! Our 3-Step Proven Formula Actually Works!

Our Story

Our company was founded by Jose Gomez in 2001 when he left a growing career as a website director for a major broadcaster and nonprofit organization. In helping the organizations he worked with thriving online, he realized that there were no real solutions for new and growing churches and ministries. Although it wasn't part of the original plan, he left his comfortable job and launched an agency that quickly grew into an international business, serving thousands churches, ministries, and Christian businesses around the world. Today, that agency and its nonprofit organization provides over 60,000 churches, ministries, and nonprofits with websites, website maintenance, landing pages, and online marketing services.

We work hard as a team to continually study the rapidly changing landscape of the church and nonprofit world. We know how hard it is to grow your organization. We work with charities, churches and ministries, associations, clubs, civic groups, fraternal societies, child care organizations, and so many others. Our passion is to help you build, advance, and market your message to the world.

In short, our mission is to provide a service that helps churches and ministries of all types to communicate, collaborate, fundraise, and accomplish their mission online.

Our Executive Team

Jose | Chief Insomniac

Eric | Strategy Jedi

Stacey | Website Guru

Erik | Platform Oracle

Windy | Client Hugger

Charlie | Office Ghost


We're Hiring!

We are always looking for talented professionals to join our team. If you have the right attitude, are self-motivated and discipled, and are obessessed with people who are obsessed with changing their world, then NetMinistry might just be the company for you. E-mail your resume to hr@netministry.com and we'll contact you about any open positions you qualify for.

Core Values


Integrity plays an important role, especially in the nonprofit world. Our goal is to not only meet the expectations of the industry, but to set a standard of integrity that will serve as an example to others within our industry.


Complete devotion to customer satisfaction. We are both sales person and consultant to our clients, honoring them for their knowledge and contributions to the world while providing them with the technological tools necessary to enhance themselves and their organizations.


We will strive to create products and services that will significantly impact nonprofits of all sizes as well as society in general. Our goal is to solve real problems with real solutions that really work.


Our commitment to the success of our mission is absolute. Our commitment to our clients is just as firm, placing their satisfaction at the forefront of our operations and enhancing their experience with us as much as possible.

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