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Church Webpages Platform

The Most Flexible and Easy To Use
Hosting Manager Ever

We've made it super simple for team members with advanced website management skills to take complete control over your website template code, advanced settings, SEO settings, and hosting controls.

With CWP, it's possible to make changes to every single aspect of your website so that it's as flexible as you need it to be.

  • Page Templates: Manage your website's homepage, secondary, and auxiliary templates with total access to the underlying HTML and CSS code in an online code editor environment.
  • Default Meta Tags: Control the default meta content the search engines see behind the scenes. Standard and extended meta information fully support.
  • Preload Scripts: Add preload and postload scripts to extend your website's capabilities. From custom widgets to Google Analytics, we've got you covered.
  • Color Palette: Defined the custom colors you've used in your website design and our applications will automatically use them to create a seamless experience.
  • Technical Settings: Change dozens of granular website settings such as default fonts, doctypes, page headers, and more.
  • Web Server Settings: Access your websites server settings and host headers directly through our management interface.
  • Web Stats: Report on every visit to your website, using SmarterStats Enterprise to understand who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, and where they are going.
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Complete Feature List of our CMS Hosting Management Tools

It's light years ahead of standard web hosting - it's the complete CWP suite of web-based tools that gives you absolute power and control over your website.

  • Unlimited Templates: Create homepage, secondary, and as many auxiliary templates as you need. Apply any template to any page.
  • HTML/CSS Separation: Control the HTML and CSS of each template separately but all on one screen!
  • CSS Inheritance: Our system allows your templates to inherit CSS code from other templates to avoid code duplication and conflicts.
  • File-Based Template Support: Upload an HTML file instead of coding in our online editor if you prefer.
  • Automenu System: Dynamically generate your site menus as unordered lists from your website structure.
  • Default Meta Tags: Control the title, description, and keyword meta tags that all pages use by default.
  • Additional Meta Tag Support: Easily add additional meta tags such as author and site verification tags.
  • Preload Script Support: Install JavaScript code to be loaded on every page of your website.
  • Postload Script Support: Install code to execute immediately before your body tags for conversion tracking and analytics.
  • Application Color Palette: Match the colors of our applications to colors used in your design template.
  • Advanced Technical Settings: Control the granular settings of our system such as fonts, headers, and footer information.
  • Footer Controls Turn our "Powered By" footers on or off and control your copyright information.
  • Enterprise Web Statistics & Reporting: Complete website statistics provide every possible insight about your website visitors.
  • Google Analytics Support: We support and love Google Analytics. Install it in seconds.
  • Third-Party Widget Support: Install any third-party JavaScript or IFrame widget right into your site templates.
  • Element & Snippet Support: Use our Elements and Snippet system throughout your templates to centralize code and make changes a snap.

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