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Reach Your Community With a Suite of Ministry Management Software from CWP

Church and ministry websites are about more than just providing information.

It's about allowing your members and your community to interact with your ministerial staff, creating opportunities to do good and become a resource to the individual and families you serve. Our Ministry Manager provides an amazing toolset for accomplishing just that.

  • Benevolence: Allow website visitors to sign in and request assistance with needs such as utilities, food, shelter, and general supplies.
  • Prayer Requests: Accept prayer submissions online and repost them in the form of a prayer board. Allow users to indicate that they are praying.
  • Resource Exchange: Collect needs and resources within your community, then automatically match them to help meet needs.
  • Bible Study: Generate and customize online Bibles for use on your website.

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Complete Feature List of our Ministry Management Tools

We've enabled online ministry in unique ways, continually expanding and adding to this toolset. Experience the power of enabling community interaction and real-time ministry through the web.

  • Team-Based Benevolence Tracking: Allow visitors to submit benevolence requests, which are then assigned to ministerial teams.
  • Benevolence Request Tracking: Keep track of requests and what was done to fulfill those requests, including the monetary value of the help.
  • Prayer Request Threads: Create unlimited prayer request threads - independent channels of prayer that can be published to your website.
  • Prayer Counter: Website visitors can anonymously indicate what prayer requests they are praying for.
  • Prayer Resolution Tracking: Track the date and testimony of resolution to prayer requests, automatically published to your website.
  • Resource Exchange: Enabled website visitors to post needs and resources to multiple exchanges.
  • Need/Resource Matching: Identify resources that can fill needs automatically or through exchange reports.
  • Customized Online Bibles: Generate online Bibles with your ministry's branding and links to your website.
  • Public Commentary: Allow web visitors to comment on specific scriptures for other visitors to read.

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